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Beach resort full of charm and history.......

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With the fashion of sea bathing in the early 19th century, Trouville-sur-Mer, while a modest fishing village, became a successful resort, just 2 hours from Paris.
The mild climate, great beaches of soft sand attract wealthy Parisians who built magnificent villas on the seafront
"Les Planches", installed in 1867, then became the favorite place to be for the beautiful people.
This time, Trouville-sur-Mer has a rich architectural heritage with its beautiful villas, luxury hotels and casinos.
Boulevard Fernand Moreaux, along the Touques river, is always bustling with restaurants and terraces where one enjoys seafood and local products.
The famous fish market built in the early twentieth century is a must-see in Trouville. Open every day of the year, it contributes to the picturesque and bustling station.
The narrow streets going up the hill are full of charm with their shops which contain treasures: pastry chefs and chocolatiers, renowned antique shops, art galleries ...


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