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Internationally acclaimed Deauville is a prestigious seaside resort that has retained the charm of a city resort.

Deauville was created in 1860 to attract a drawn fashion of sea bathing and into a city dedicated to leisure and beauty clients.

Villas, manors and other build extraordinary offer a wide variety of architectural styles that make the charm and originality of the city.

Like many movie stars, stroll along the famous boardwalk planks Deauville. Laze under colorful umbrellas on the sandy beach. Enter the cozy atmosphere of luxury boutiques.

Throughout the year, Deauville offers a multitude of events and sports and cultural activities: casino, golf, spa, water sports, American Film Festival.

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Crédit-photos : Kame15 (source Wikimedia commons) (n°1), Fotolia (n°2), Calvados Tourisme (n°3)

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